Lighting Effects Pack – 50 Free Brushes and Images


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This graphic design pack is filled with 50 different types of glowing light streaks. Available in two different formats, Photoshop Brushes and JPEG images. The images have full color intact as well as larger dimensions making them more versatile. The great thing about the brushes is they have a transparent background. You choose your format or download both of them.
As with all of our resources, personal and commercial use is welcomed and encouraged!

Mini Tutorial – How to Add Color to the Images

1. Open one of the images in Photoshop.
2. Create a New Layer and Fill it with a colorful gradient.
3. Change the layers blending mode to Overlay.

Mini Tutorial – Obtain Maximum Glow with PS Brushes

1. Choose a Brush from our Lighting Effects Brush Pack
2. Create a New Layer and select a very vibrant color.
3. Click once to lay down the pixels of the lighting effect brush.
3. Duplicate the layer and add a Color Overlay of White.
You can then add a Hue/Saturation Adjustment Layer to play with the colors.

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My name is Jeya and I am one of the founders of Media Militia. I enjoy writing new content and designing something fresh! I currently live in beautiful Reno, Nevada. If you have any ideas or comments, please send me an email at

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  1. WOW I love YOU. :)

    • Haha! I love you too!

  2. Very nice. I’m sure these will find some use!

    • When you do use them, send me over some links. I would love to post them into the Get Inspired posts that I do every week. Take care!

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  4. These are so awesome. Thank you!

  5. Wow really great…definitely don’t see high quality brushes like this all the time. These are great effects that will come in very handy. Thanks!

    Featured on my blog @

    • Thanks JC for featuring these on your blog. I really appreciate it!

  6. You are so amazing! Everything you post is so inspiring. I can’t wait to see what comes next (:

    • I am glad these inspire you. I can’t wait to see what comes next as well. I have so many ideas, but so little time to bust them all out.

      • please can i get the tutorials for this

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    • No problem. Thanks for checking it out!

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    • Thanks Ahmed. We will keep moving forward. I promise. We have a lot of new and exciting stuff on the horizon.

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  12. wow, awesome, not only this, but all the stuffs r awesomely great, i really love ur website………………and als ur work, keep up good work……Sencerely!

  13. How do you paint brushes?
    please help me!

    • Hey David. Have you loaded these brushes into your Photoshop Brushes Panel yet? All you have to do is use the Brush tool and click one time. Follow the mini tutorial above for an explanation on how to get more vibrant colors.

  14. Hey I solved my problem, I followed the steps in the tutorial, thanks.

  15. Thank you very much

  16. Hello! Great stuff, but will you please explain step 3 “Duplicate the layer and add a Color Overlay of White” ?

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  18. Jeya .. i really don’t know what to say ! lol …. but really you are a great person .. and thank you !

  19. AMAZIN’. Thx.

  20. I get a forbidden error for several different downloads (some do work), you might want to check permissions:
    “You don’t have permission to access /{} on this server.

    Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.”

    • I just finished fixing all the links. Please try it again. Hosting companies know how to lie when they say “unlimited bandwidth”

  21. Whoooa :D Good Job! These are awesome :)

  22. Can’t thank you enough! Just what i needed. You guys are awesome :D

  23. Awesome Concept thanks for the upload

  24. It’s beautiful !


  25. thanks so much your dah best i cant wait whats comming soon :)

  26. Where do you get your insperations from. I have a project thus design a music concert poster. I am really going to incorperate these great art work into it.
    Thanks so much.
    From Ghana West Africa

  27. i love yours stuff!!!!!!!!

  28. How do I use these. I download them and they show up as Zip files and I can’t open them.

    • You need to unzip the files from the zip file you downloaded. If you are using Windows, check out WinZip or use the built in utility in Windows.

      If you are using Max OS X, check out Stuffit Expander. OS X 10.4+ has an unzipping utility built in – it’s called BOMArchiveHelper or Archive Utility.

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  30. The brushes look wonderful! Thanks for sharing.

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  40. Hey, been trying to download the files, but it keeps getting cut off. I’ve tried downloading it using a variety of connections, but no dice. Help!

  41. Sweet set! I totally love it!

  42. Hey, you are a hell of a great job there. Must say you inspire me so much. Am actually a student and hope you can help me out sometimes. Love your stuff

  43. I love this place!! :)

  44. Hey so I downloaded the brushes (which look awesome by the way) but I am not quite sure where to get to them on Photoshop. Can anyone tell me how I can use these? (I have Photoshop Elements 5)

  45. is it possible to use these to make cars trails ?

  46. Do you steal all your content? From one of the nicest guys in the world, too.

    • Nope, but thanks for checking. These are 100% original made by us. We have linked resources on other tutorials of ours.

      • 3D Lines is it free pack?

  47. MediaMelitia is one hell of a site!! DONT EVER CLOSE IT DOWN!! The stuff here is kick-ass…thank you so much for the packs…they rock!!!

  48. i love it….great job…thanks…

  49. Please explain:
    3. Duplicate the layer and add a Color Overlay of White

    something does not obtained…

  50. this really interesting!! you give it for free that really EXTRA interesting…

  51. Great Lighting Effects. Thanks for sharing.

  52. These are amazing lighting effects.

    I have to ask – are these free for commercial use? We’re creating a Loyalty Card for Bedford Town Centre and I’d love to be able to use these

    • Yes you can use them for that. free of charge. No attribution required.

      • That’s brilliant news, thank you!

        If our board of directors approve them and they go to print I can send you a couple if you want them.

  53. I had downloaded the pack of brushes but when am loading the brushes in the photoshop a message comes that it is not compatible with my version of photoshop…i hav adobe photoshop 7.0 version…please help me out !! :)

  54. Tried to download from these links but it just diverts to a generic holding page – are the links broken?

  55. Those brushes and images look awesome, but when i click the download button a window opens but i don’t see where i can do the download…
    Can we still do the downloads or you took them out?

    Thanks in advance.

    Keep up the great work ;^]

    • The domain expired without autorenewing. It should be back up within 24 hours. Sorry

  56. This is super Cool. Thanks! :D

  57. Can I use it on my homepage, im not sure about the copyright things, you say its free, well just give me a msg if you like i take it out.

    Thank you for understanding.


    • Chris,

      You can use it on your homepage…no problem!! Thanks for checking us out!!!!

  58. Thanks these are great!

  59. LOVE IT!!! THANKS!

  60. Oh my gosh, I think I’ve died and gone to freebie resource heaven. These are simply incredible. I N C R E D I B L E!!! Thank you!!!!!!

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    i like this thnks to this site

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  63. Thank You but,

    Sorry, I am french and maybe I don’t understand very well the mini tutorial: I just can’t achieve the same results …
    “1. Choose a Brush from our Lighting Effects Brush Pack” OK !
    “2. Create a New Layer and select a very vibrant color.” OK !
    “3. Click once to lay down the pixels of the lighting effect brush.” This step I don’t understand at all. Could you please explain it in more detailed words … sorry, I’m feeling like I’m a newbie but I’m not !
    “3. Duplicate the layer and add a Color Overlay of White.” Do you mean that I have to fill the duplicated layer with white color … ?

    Sorry for these kind of stupid questions and … thank you in advance for your kind answer.
    I still don’t have a blog myself but I plan to do it one day and … I measure how patient I will have to be.


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