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This smoke pack has 75 high resolution images of smoke on a solid black background. Add a gradient layer over the smoke and change the layers blending mode in Photoshop for a nice touch. You can also rotate and invert the layer to get a mystic look. All the images are around 2000 x 3000 pixels. If you like them please leave a comment… Thanks!


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My name is Jeya and I am one of the founders of Media Militia. I enjoy writing new content and designing something fresh! I currently live in beautiful Reno, Nevada. If you have any ideas or comments, please send me an email at

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  1. Beautiful!

  2. Awesome…Just awesome! keep them coming!

  3. I will never need another smoke image. LOL!!! ;)

  4. These are great. Thank you.

  5. Some more great stuff like always, keep it up dude.

  6. So fine!! Thanks!

    Love the site! Added you to my reader. =)

  7. Pretty nice images. Thank you for the sharing.

  8. Looks great! Thanks a lot.

  9. wow really useful…thx for sharing

  10. Thanks! good resource

  11. Wow, awesome! Thank you for sharing!

  12. Excellent. Thank you for your time to do this for free.

  13. Simply amazing. These are a wonderful addition to my texture library; thanks so much for sharing!

  14. Thanks a lot for sharing.
    That’s an amazing collection! (as many other in this site).

  15. Wow! Great collection! I was just thinking about doing a project that involves smoke. A thousand thanks! :D

  16. These are cool. Thanks!

  17. Man! that’s super. never seen such detail of smoke. were they created or what? wanna know. thanks a lot too! just awesome

  18. @resh: Glad you like them. That is real smoke. We bought some fattie incense sticks and setup a camera on a tripod with 2 flashes pointed directly at the smoke area. We used a high shutter speed and kept the ISO as low as possible to avoid noise.

  19. Great collection, many thanks!

  20. man that that stuckud ma head on how 2 get it

  21. thank u for this pack

  22. awesome pack! awesome site!!
    my 1st time here.. def comin back!

  23. Very useful ! Thanks for sharing JeyaONE!

  24. Thank you this deffinetly come in handy…

  25. stunning!

  26. Smokin’! Thanks. :-)

  27. Thanks, very usefull and very good images!
    thnx again!!

  28. Why can not download?

  29. @allen: Sorry to hear you can’t download it. I just tested it and the link works for me. What happens when you click on the download button? Dose it give you an error? Try this link if you keep having problems. Hope this helps!

  30. Thanks, all this beauty

  31. Beautiful work. Many thanks.

  32. One of the best freebies ever. thank you very much.

  33. I guess I won’t have to search for smoke images. Great collection!

  34. all your freebies are simply awesome… and it’s very generous to share them even for commercial use… you guys just ROCK!

  35. you are a god among men!

  36. They are amazing. Thank you that you share them with us

  37. These are gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing them!

  38. Nice one,, I love it,, and i cant wait to use it,,, great job,,

  39. Amazing, I already have some Photoshop smoke brushes but they are a bit limited, your brushes seem to be more of what I have been looking for. Really great!

  40. Thank you so much for all of these wonderful graphics! You are so awesome!!

  41. Your work is amazing. I can’t wait to start using it. Just one question.
    I would love to do some work creating some jigsaws. But I can’t find any templates/textures. Would you be able to help me?
    Keep up your extrodinary creativity.

  42. Images are but the visual ideas of which you have plenty, Signor. Thanks.

  43. excellent!

  44. thanx a lot for these textures.. I have been looking for these kinda ones for a long time… thanx for helping me :]

  45. gracias , muy utiles para mis diseños

  46. you are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thankyouthankyou!

  47. These images are awesome! Keep up the good work.

  48. these are amazing! thank you!!!

  49. fabulous images!! thank you!!!

  50. thanks! great stuff!

  51. 非常感谢~
    thanks very much~

  52. Really lovin’ these. Thanks!

  53. thank you, great!! :)

  54. perfect, just what i needed!

  55. These are so cool.

  56. Thanks for the pics. They ´re really nice!

  57. Yet another wonderful set. I’ve spent more time than I care to say trying for similar looks and compared to these failed miserably

  58. This is an amazing freebie. Thank you so much for your time and effort. I have just the project to use this on.

  59. cool effects. Can’t wait to use them to symbloize the Holy Spirit in Christian Graphics

  60. Fantastic, thanks a lot! Keep up the awesome work!

  61. cool stuff, thanks for posting

  62. Beautiful! For your next trick, can I ask you for some HD movie clips of this? : )

  63. really nice guys keep up the good work

  64. I like them, thanks so much for all the legit stuff!

  65. Thanks, very awesome.

  66. valeu mesmo por tudo que tem neste site eu gosto muito das dica e sugestões.
    estão servindo muito !!!!!

  67. Wow, thanks alot, these look beautiful!

  68. Belo trabalho, será de bom proveito.

  69. Thanks.

  70. thanks alot!

  71. thanks alot

  72. nothing more to say, many thanks to you!

  73. thanks! sharing is sexy. :P

  74. great stuff!

  75. MA-GNI-FI-QUE ! Merci beaucoup.

  76. i have been dying to get my hands on textures like these!!!! thank you sooo much!

  77. Its so good,
    thx, thx, thx

  78. crazy… thanks..

  79. awesome guys! This site ROCKS! you guys ROCK! nicccce

    Greetings Muhuthe1st from the Netherlands

  80. Awesome images! How tedious it must have been, but, worth it. Thank you!


  81. Incredible! Thanks.

  82. I love it, man

  83. Oh man AWESOME!

  84. hey, this is just wat i wanted…!!! :)
    thanks a lot!! :) nice collection by the way… :)

  85. thank you very much! very hard sometimes to get free stuff.

  86. beautiful i hope that i can make also

  87. Very nice. Sehr hilfsreich bei der Erstellung eines Layouts. Thank you.

  88. its very nice. i like it.

  89. Brilliant pack much appreciated keep up the good work

  90. This pack’s going to be SO useful. Thanks a lot for sharing it!

  91. Thanx and great work


  93. Merci beaucoup, superbe …

  94. Now that’s what’s up!

  95. Gracias! Mui bueno.

  96. Ty! =P but one question pls answer. How can i errase that which is the best tool to erase i only want to keep that smoke. (best tool for erase=== ?) ty for answers

  97. Dynamic elements of design, appreciate!

  98. Absolutely astounding!

  99. its very nice. i like it.

  100. shit yeah this is awesome, love this site!!!!!

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