Bling Effects Pack – 50 Free Photoshop Brushes


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This pack will make a great addition to your collection. You can bling anything…from type to an image of your car. These brushes are large and look great on almost anything. Try experimenting with the Brush panel settings like scattering and dynamics to get a different effect. As with all of our resources, personal and commercial use is welcomed and encouraged!


About The Author: jeya

My name is Jeya and I am one of the founders of Media Militia. I enjoy writing new content and designing something fresh! I currently live in beautiful Reno, Nevada. If you have any ideas or comments, please send me an email at

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  1. Great mate! Keep up the awesome works.

    • Ya sure

  2. i LOVE your freebies!!! thank you so much for being so generous.

  3. You guys are the best! I’ve been looking for some brushes like these. Thanks so much.

  4. That’s just what I needed for a project I’m working on!!
    Thank You xxxx

  5. Wow, that’s a great christmas gift.
    I’m a little bit sorry, that these brushes weren’t available a few days before, when i made my christsmas cards.

    Thanks for sharing!

  6. wow these are amazing :) thanks

  7. Wonderful Creations indeed….=D

  8. These are beautiful – appreciate you sharing them with us!

  9. wonderful and sparkling brushes . thanks for the share

  10. Beautiful! Thank you so much!

  11. These look awesome and thanks for sharing.

  12. thanks 4 all of these they’re brill1

  13. This is awesome, thanks!

  14. Very good for graphic design.
    Thanks for sharing!

  15. Thanks..So beautiful,I like it very much.
    thanks for sharing..

  16. This was so awesome! JUSR what I needed and the very first place I looked too! Thanks for sharing!

  17. How do I apply these to the Photoshop Program? Where do I put this file?

  18. Thank you so much !

  19. My QQ number :294068744(making friends with you)

  20. Wow, thank you very much, very cool!!!!!!!

  21. Un très grand merci depuis Strasbourg (France) pour votre travail et votre générosité. Bonne année à vous

    Editor’s Translation: A very big thank you from Strasbourg (France) for your work and your generosity. Happy New Year to you

  22. thanks for sharing!!!! this is exactly, what we were looking for.

  23. Good !It help me finish my work very well.

  24. this is the best ever, thanks for the free download!!

  25. Great Great Great !!!

    Thank You A lottttttttttttttttt…..

  26. Bueno Brushes! Gracias, Amigo.

  27. WOW! love it!

  28. thanks!!! thta´s just what i was looking for!

  29. These are exactly what I’ve been looking for.


  30. Yo! what can i say these are just awesome downloads

  31. you are the best ..
    get downloaded ..

  32. Just discovered this site and can’t get over how great it is, and how generous you are in sharing. Like the way I can use all of this in Photoshop and Fireworks.
    Thanks ;-)

  33. Thanks again!

  34. This is some of the best bling I have seen! Wow!

  35. Very cool brushes! Thanks so much for sharing. Will use them on my projects.

  36. these brushes are superb. thank you so much Media Militia.

  37. u are amazing. real inspiring to actually have people like you.

  38. I need a tutorial showing how conceal a flashing light effect in a photo such as the reflection in a mirror

  39. Excellente!!!! Muchas a ti

  40. Best resources site by far! Thank you for all you do and your hard work.

  41. thank you for the fantastic freebies

  42. Awesome collection, thank you for sharing. :)

  43. wow love it!! and I love you!! thank you so much!

  44. Thanks for sharing!!!! this is exactly, what we were looking for.

    • agree

  45. Dear sir

    I like this site very much,because i am a bigner,this site very helpful for bigners

  46. Congrats for all these fantastic freebies you offer! Thanx for making our lives easier!

  47. Thnx man

  48. thanx a million guys. my portfolio covers (uni) were looking crap until i stumbled on this site….U ROCK

  49. thank you very much man. you’re awesome……

  50. Every time I get a new version of photoshop, the first thing I do is look for some new “bling” brushes. Your collection is BY FAR the best I have ever come across! THANK YOU for sharing!

  51. soo coool !!

  52. these are beautiful, thanks a lot!! :)

  53. thank you, and it very good to use.

  54. Woo~Hoo!!! Yall are the Best, thank you!! :)

  55. nice one! thanks

  56. Tried to unzip this file but got the error message, something like ‘unexpected end of file’; it seems like the file is corrupted?

  57. File zip non funzionante.
    Cannot open file: it does not appear to be a valid archive

  58. Thank you very much for being so generous and allowing this to be free.

  59. Many thanks for your generosity

  60. I love it! Great job!

  61. I liked Very much Thank’s

  62. The brushes are beautiful. Thanks for the share.

  63. thank you

  64. I can’t figure out how to find them in my PS

  65. Very special people, do very special things! Thanks for sharing your hard work!

  66. really nice,thank you

  67. just to say thanks it’s amazing what’s copyrighted these days so this makes a refreshing change and is much appreciated

  68. thank you

  69. Era tudo que eu precisava…lindo!

  70. hi , I am from Nepal thanks a lot for your great job I really appreciate your job it helps me many ways

  71. especial pa’ todos los flaites kuliaos

  72. OMG. youre so amazing!!!! thank you for these!! so very appreciated!

  73. Some time i really get wonder that how people write something so informative like the above details, i am really thanks full of you guys for sharing.Thanks Alot

  74. thank you so much for sharing~ =)
    I’m not a pro for photoshop… I download the package and it automatically installed to my photoshop~ SWEEEEET!!
    thank you

  75. I clicked on the download button and it doesn’t work. It takes me to another page entirely that is not to download these brushes. Can anyone help please?

    • The domain expired without autorenewing. It should be back up within 24 hours. Sorry

  76. I tried to download it, but it wont appear in my photoshop. Where in PS do I find it?

  77. Good Job Jeya : and thanks for sharing

  78. Merci Jeya pour ces brushes magnifiques !

  79. just found your website and all I can say is wow hubby’s family all lives in reno so good to see a local I think some of these will give me a jump start back into creating been in a bit of a slump.

  80. Thank~! It help me a lot~! ^^

  81. i need difference between illustrator and photoshop. anyone help me..


  83. It looks very nice and it very useful to me and also to the designers

    thank you for sharing

  84. Fantastic, thank youT

  85. muchas gracias amigo por compartir

    salu2222 desde miacatlan, morelos mexico !!

  86. Good job on this brushes, something I use all the time! Thank you for sharing! Best!

  87. Proud about you! proved you are from the land of marx

  88. Too bad the others with plugins don’t follow your ways. Giving away plugins is the way it should always be. Anyone that charges for plugins needs to realize that the program that they are making plugins on and for is not their program. Without Adobe, their plugins would be null and useless. Most of them plugins that cost money are not that great anyway.
    Keep up the great work guys!

  89. JACKPOT!!!! Just what I need for a Sparkling Water Label I am working on currently. OMGosh, came back here to talk to a customer service rep from Adobe and this page came up… GOD is GOOD!!!! In deep appreciation =)

  90. i am finding like these brushes :P thank u so much,ur site is greatest :) Thanks again for all.

  91. 谢谢。

  92. tks

  93. thank you

  94. it is fun
    I like it!

  95. Thanks a lot!

  96. very nice work thank you for sharing

  97. hi there…,
    thanks 4 sharing, and its very amazing….., make everything looking good.,

  98. awesome!thanks so much!!

  99. Thanks! Exactly what I needed!

  100. Thank you, great brushes.

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