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I bet there has been a time that you were looking for a nice stock image to use for a concept or a final design, but wasn’t willing to pay through your neck to get it. I have been stuck in that occasion many a time and I must tell you it gets pretty frustrating when you want to finish off a design and just need that final image but can’t find one anywhere. I went a step further and wrote this article containing a huge list of Free Stock Photography links I hope you find these useful. If you do please promote this article.

Below is the List of Free Stock Photography websites. ITS HUGE.

Make sure to read the rules and regulations for the stocks at hand, being they are free. Some of the sites you might have to dig through to find the free stock photos.

1. StockVault


2. Stock.xchng


3. MorgueFile


4. Freerangestock


5. Openphoto


6. Everystockphoto


7. PhotoGen


8. FreePhotosBank


9. PhotoXpress


10. SweetandTalented


  1. Woophy
  2. Aboutpixel
  3. Bancodeimagem
  4. Imageafter
  5. Pixelperfectdigital
  6. Bigfoto
  7. Freepixels
  8. Fontplay/
  9. Freeimages
  10. Pixelquelle
  11. Freefoto
  12. http://tofz.org/
  13. Shift.jp
  14. Bluevertigo design-resources
  15. Photorack
  16. Freephotostation
  17. Cepolina.com
  18. Davidniblack.com
  19. Gallery.hd
  20. Geekphilosopher
  21. Twicepix
  22. Burningwell
  23. Zurb
  24. Stock.diwiesign
  25. Stockcache
  26. Unices
  27. Mfx
  28. Kepek.creart
  29. Orangetrash
  30. Unprofound
  31. Dieblen
  32. Amygdela
  33. Dreamstime freephotos
  34. Graphicsarena
  35. Freephotosweb
  36. Bluevertigo
  37. Dexhaus
  38. 9×13
  39. Cromavista.ricardomartin
  40. Tripalbum
  41. Oneodddude
  42. Image-cafe
  43. Fotodatenbank
  44. Majesticimagery
  45. Oneodddude
  46. Designpacks
  47. Essendemme
  48. Photobank
  49. Fotofree
  50. Imageblowout
  51. Energy.star29
  52. Pixalia
  53. Microshots
  54. Vintagepixels
  55. Makaylalauren
  56. Bajstock
  57. Freemediagoo
  58. Pix.halal
  59. Pixelbag
  60. Apostroph
  61. Kingdomgraphix
  62. Fourbees
  63. Ironorchid
  64. Fotoimpact
  65. Linux
  66. Hear
  67. Farmphoto
  68. Ars.usda
  69. Animalpicturesarchive
  70. Nps
  71. Insectimages
  72. Gillesgonthier
  73. Photorogue
  74. Photolibrary
  75. Treesnest
  76. Studio25
  77. Finfond
  78. Aarinfreephoto
  79. Trulyfreestock
  80. Creativity103
  81. Pyed
  82. T8software
  83. Arraich
  84. Piotrpix
  85. Demmy
  86. Logodesignweb
  87. Lightmatter
  88. Freestockphotos
  89. Imagetemple
  90. Adigitaldreamer
  91. Artfavor
  92. Mayang
  93. Textureking
  94. Mxmgallery.maxwellrender
  95. Mega-tex
  96. Amazingtextures
  97. Texturewarehouse
  98. Textures.forrest
  99. Spectralogue
  100. Noctua-Graphics
  101. Davegh
  102. Afflict
  103. Digitalcraftsman
  104. Ofthesky
  105. Mandragora
  106. Fotolia
  107. Canstockphoto
  108. Bigstockphoto
  109. Bigwhitebox
  110. Gimmestock
  111. 123rf
  112. Digitalstock
  113. Scanstockphoto
  114. Im-visions
  115. Alexstockphoto
  116. Stockedphotos
  117. Absolutvision
  118. Workbook
  119. Alamy
  120. Mira
  121. Firstlight
  122. Photostogo
  123. Jupiterimages
  124. Punchstock
  125. Creatas
  126. Inmagine.com
  127. Gettyimages
  128. Masterfile
  129. Veer
  130. Tipsimages
  131. Liquidlibrary
  132. Robertharding
  133. Agefotostock
  134. Hellophoto
  135. Istockpro
  136. Wonderfile
  137. Worldofstock
  138. Luckypix
  139. Photodisc
  140. Stockbyte
  141. Fotosearch
  142. Imagestate
  143. Photos
  144. Imagebank
  145. Tonystone
  146. Digitalvision
  147. Matton
  148. Picturetank
  149. Imagesource
  150. Premium
  151. Agencyimages
  152. Plainpicture
  153. Comstock
  154. Myloupe
  155. Lifestockphotos
  156. Rubberball
  157. Shopcluster
  158. Artzooks
  159. Mtpnetwork
  160. Ablestock
  161. Bokelberg
  162. Bananastock
  163. Images
  164. Photoalto
  165. Acclaimimages
  166. Paradisal
  167. Fstopimages
  168. Milim
  169. Untitled
  170. Deadlinepictures
  171. Sharpeonline
  172. 01ccd
  173. Quick-image
  174. Photospin
  175. Pixibit
  176. Thinkstock
  177. Imagopress
  178. Photrick
  179. Australphoto
  180. Picturesque
  181. Stock-photo
  182. Brucecoleman
  183. Yankeeimage
  184. Agefotostock
  185. Highrezimages
  186. Stock-photography-now
  187. Allimages
  188. Alunablue
  189. Ozimages.com.au/
  190. Remote
  191. Imagefarm
  192. Timelifepictures
  193. Cover
  194. Jasonhawkes
  195. Airphotona
  196. Aerialstockphotography
  197. 1000skies
  198. Panoramicimages
  199. Weather-photography
  200. Cornerhousestock
  201. Hickerphoto
  202. Naturepl
  203. Nhpa
  204. Naturalvisions
  205. Oceans-image
  206. Oceanwideimages
  207. Bluewater
  208. Jpsviewfinder
  209. Turnerphotographics
  210. Stockfood
  211. Foodpix
  212. 1000bananas
  213. Surfpix
  214. Airliners
  215. Airteamimages
  216. Zoomstock
  217. Radiantimages
  218. Cutanddeal
  219. Wireimage
  220. Buymodelphotos
  221. Everynight
  222. Queerstock
  223. Bluemoonstock
  224. Goodsalt
  225. Doctorstock
  226. Medphoto
  227. Lifeart
  228. Pacificstock
  229. Latinphoto
  230. Nyimage
  231. Alaskastock
  232. Slovakiaphotos
  233. Photobank
  234. Photostock
  235. Chilephoto
  236. Africanpictures
  237. http://www.nepalfoto.com/
  238. London-downloads
  239. Berlin-downloads
  240. Stockbrazil
  241. Cubapixel
  242. Scienceandsociety/
  243. Imagency
  244. Seamless-photo-textures
  245. Textures3d
  246. Texturama
  247. Rustfetish
  248. Foxstock
  249. Latinstock
  250. Bsasfotos
  251. Fotoscopio
  252. Imagenesargentinas
  253. Patrian
  254. Fotosbank
  255. Foodstock
  256. Pereyra
  257. Imagentina
  258. Comesana
  259. Asb
  260. Illustrationworks
  261. Stockart
  262. Laughing-stock
  263. Stockbucket
  264. Imagezoo
  265. Csaimages
  266. Affordableillustration
  267. Theispot
  268. PhotoEverywhere.co.uk
  269. Asia Stock Images

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Founder of the An1ken Brand and Creative Director at An1ken Creative, I love everything related to design and you can catch me on Twitter @An1ken or on Facebook

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  1. that is huge! is there anyway to bookmark them all????

    • Yeah! Bookmark this page! =)

  2. Cool. Thank u!

  3. mission accomplished. I went to them all. just kiddin

    • I really enjoyed reading the post
      Definitely gave me’s ideas

  4. Thanks for this very useful collection Jacques. I have already bookmarked this post at http://www.cypherbox.net =)

  5. Excellent list, biggest I’ve seen! Can we at http://photoeverywhere.co.uk to the list, we have more than 3000 high-res travel stock images free for personal and commercial work – cheers!

    • Thanks Jacques for the great post! Make sure you check out his site: CreativeOverFlow

      @SpastikRealm: I am not sure. Does anyone know if there is a way to create a bookmarks folder? We would be more than happy to do that.
      @creativekai: Thank you for bookmarking this post. We really appreciate it!
      @photoeverywhere: Great photos and high-res! We love it! You have been added to the list.

  6. THX For all

  7. COOL !!!

  8. *whistle* now thats a great list :) be sure to check it out on our best of the week post coming up on designrfix.com

  9. Ummm, not sure how you can say some of these sites such as GettyImages, ImageSource or iStockPro are Free Stock Photography links. There’s a big difference between “Royalty-free” stock images and “Cost Free” images. You might want to re-check a lot of these links.

  10. Nice list. Please add http://asiastockimages.com . I have about 1,000 free images online, with lots of Asian content. Thank you!

    • @ Shi Yali: Thank you! Your site has been added.

  11. Visited them all (phew!) and bookmarked my favourites, thanks. :)

    A lot of the links pointed to the same places (jupiterimages stands out- think that came up 5 or 6 times) and a few are dead…. also, not a lot of them are true free image sites, but royalty free…. still an interesting view.

  12. been there, know some of these sites and yes!!!! you have to dig way way to get the freebies… great list!!!!

  13. nice list.

  14. 51 and 55 seem to be repeats of oneodddude. Can we add http://creepyhalloweenimages.com, we only have a small collection at the moment but all free and high resolution, thanks

  15. Bow, what a list. So many outside
    thank you for this resource!
    Maybe you should thnik about „social media add icons” …

  16. Here is one more Photo Wizard – http://www.photo-wizard.net

  17. Reflex Stock Photography – http://www.reflexstock.com is one of the most competitive stock photography websites around, offering clients credit packages for up to 73% cheaper than any other major stock photography website.

  18. Fabulous post! Free Stock Libraries are such an useful tool. Thanks for sharing!

  19. Imageherald.net is a new website offering cost-free stock photography.

  20. http://www.KosherStock.com offers weekly free photos for personnal and commercial use. KS is a royalty-free microstock site (photos, illustrations and cliparts) focusing on the Jewish life, culture and religion.

  21. A brand new managed free stock photo site: Please take a look!

  22. Great list.. But that did take you some time right? :p

  23. We now have a free collection at AbsolutVision… —> http://bit.ly/akV3WO

  24. Wow what a huge list :-)
    For even more free stock photos you are welcome to take a look at my project: http://www.StockPhotos.it (english language is included) My aim is to create useful database and catalogue of stock images. Now it contains tons of free images under various categories. Commercial images are included as well.

  25. Hey guys, check out http://www.allourstock.com — It’s 100% FREE for COMMERCIAL and PERSONAL use. It has color search features (the only free stock site with such a feature) a blog with great resources, and much more. Tons of images added daily as well.

  26. http://christmasstockimages.com has a free collection of festive season stock photos – all the images on the site are free for commercial use under a creative commons license

  27. wow! Really huge list. Havent heard even about the half of these sites, and still some which i use regularly are mising here, For example i like the collections on http://www.photl.com and http://www.sxc.hu.

  28. Half the sites on this list are now dead.
    Half of what’s left have been bought up by commercial businesses or moved to a paid model.
    There are a few nice ones left, but most of this list no longer carries free images.

  29. It is possible to get some good free stock imagery from some of the above mentioned sites as long as you’re aware of the potential pitfalls!!! You have to make sure the seller owns the copyright, that there aren’t any brand infringements and that all the right releases are in place. For more info on copyright & licensing you can visit our site http://www.whichstockagency.com. We also list all the current stock agency discounts, promotions & news, review & rank the top agencies plus you can post your comments about individual agencies you particularly like/dislike!

  30. If you want to read the daily newspapers and consumer magazines or listen to the radio booth while you have to know http://www.YouKioske.com
    Definitely as I lay it directly on favorite because it’s unbelievable that you can see all the daily press, the last number of your favorite magazine, the book that you recommended and she missed the comic directly on your small screen, no downloads, completely Online has a 3d viewer that appear to have in your hand and best of all is … FREE!
    Well I hope you like the input and the magazine that I leave

  31. Tried http://www.123rf.com. I must say I love their website, been using thieir images for my blog for a year now

  32. What a long list! Can http://freeimagescollection.com/ also be included?

  33. We just launched a new “free photo” site at

    Ookaboo: Free Pictures Of Everything On Earth

    We just launched in July 2010, but we’ve already got 450,000 photos of 250,000 different topics… And we’re adding 8,000 a day so it’s getting better all the time.

    Unlike a lot of “free stock” sites, everything in Ookaboo is public domain or creative commons, so images from Ookaboo can be used for both commercial AND non-commercial use.

    Would you please consider adding Ookaboo to your list?

  34. we launched http://www.sowaronline.com a middle eastern image bank

  35. It’s all free?

  36. check out


    as well

    both 100% free, they have some cool designs too, like graphics stuff

  37. PhotoXpress seems is not free anymore.

  38. Shift.jp, is magazine not stock photography!!!!!

    Gettyimages free??? A lot of links are commercial stock photos!!!

  39. pixmac – http://www.pixmac.com has over 40,000 free images as well as over 11 million budget images – and one of the best user interfaces outthere – a hidden gem of a stock site. ;)

  40. Amazing list. Is it all free????

  41. People are also welcome to use the free royalty free photos and images on http://www.cjophoto.com/.

  42. the hashtag #eltpics are pictures (creative common) on a flickr channel by English Language teachers. http://www.flickr.com/photos/eltpics/

  43. Id should check with you here. Which is not one thing I normally do! I enjoy studying a post that will make folks think. Additionally, thanks for permitting me to comment!

  44. Hello There,

    Firstly thanks a lot for this wonderful list. this is a one stop stop for all stock requirement. I am a creative writer for various clients and at times those requirements require large images. Most sites provide smaller version of the image for free where as the largest one is generally a paid one.

    However there are many sites which now give full blown images for free, no questions asked which is fantastic for folks like me (yes, its tough for them, I know but..). I came across a new-bee site (http://www.highresolutionfreeimages.com) which has some good images and i keep seeing some new ones every week. I wish it would be great help to fellow image searchers and for the site owner if you can include this site as a part of your list.

    Thanks for your article. I still need to go through some of the sites. I will check and get back.


  45. Thanks for the list!

    You can also try http://www.picdrome.com, which covers 100% copyright free photos, released into the Public Domain. It’s a growing collection, pictures added on a daily basis, more categories to be added in the future.

  46. A good source which is not included in your list is:

    Totally public domain. Totally free to use for any project commercial or not.

  47. One of my favorite and its free is http://www.kozzi.com Its loaded with high quality stock images and vectors that I have to pay a lot of money for at other stock photo sites.

    I always check Kozzi.com first! Hope some of you enjoy it as much as I do!


  48. Magnificent template, ultimately found the source for romantic background images

  49. This is the biggest list I have seen!

    Don’t forget free trials too though – a good way to get pro-standard content in bulk.

    Most well known one is http://depositphotos.com/ but there is also now a good one at http://www.ingimage.com – started in February I think.

  50. Wow what a huge list

  51. Amazing! This blog looks just like my old
    one! It’s on a entirely different topic but it has pretty much the same page layout and design. Excellent choice of colors!

  52. Epic compilation! Thanks bro. :)

  53. Holy, 250 sites! Thanks for compiling this list. Here is another one


  54. Hi,
    Check out http://www.goodfreephotos.com for landscapes, animals, and plants

  55. Impressive list! I would like to suggest our new royalty free stock photos site: http://www.stockpics.co

  56. Found some free images at this site http://www.stormythoughts.com/

  57. Dear Mediamilita.com,

    I just came across your website and found it to have an impressive collection of stock photography websites. I would like to suggest an additional resource for you and your users, Gograph.com. I think Go Graph would be a great addition to the list that you already have.

    Go Graph Stock Photography offers over 8 million affordable royalty free stock photos, illustrations, vector clip art and royalty-free footage clips. Our database contains images on a wide variety of topics and can be viewed for free or purchased for any project.

    I created an HTML link you can use if you find us to be a useful addition to your site:
    Go Graph Stock Photography

    Feel free to contact me at (262) 717-0740 or via email at th@gograph.com if you have any questions about the site.


    Tim Heyrman
    Go Graph Stock Photography

  58. Thousands of free stock images with an Irish theme at http://www.freeirishphotos.com

    Pop by and have a look!

  59. I have also started a collection of my own, CreativeCommons photos. Check it out at http://www.jancerveny.net and feel free to download any photo you like. More photos to come.

  60. …and stockpholio.com. All photos are for commercial use.

  61. Great list… Thanks

    here is a another new free photo site where you can use photos for personal and commercial use for free:

  62. http://www.rgbstock.com/ has 88,000 free stock images with rules similar to sxc. It’s one of the best resources for stock photos, textures, borders, illustrations and graphics. Check it out.

  63. Request you to add our new stock website to the list: http://freestockphotosgallery.godotmedia.com/ . We have a collection of high resolution images and there is no need to signup to download.

  64. Thanks a lot for the info. I am sure i can get few of the required images from above sites.
    We also use a website called http://pickupimage.com.
    If you are a website designer, blogger here you can download high resolution Free stock images for free.

  65. Wow, what a list!

    At http://www.freedigitalphotos.net/ we have 140,000+ stock images which are all quality controlled. The small sized images (which are plenty big enough for blogging, websites, etc) are all available free of charge, we just ask that you publish an acknowledgement when you use the images, so that our photographers and illustrators are credited for their work.

    All the images are also available to purchase in high resolution if you need them for printed material etc.

    Do we make it to your list the next time you update it?

  66. The best free stock site is:

  67. Thank for the list. I have also used some times http://www.pixabang.com/. They dont have a lot of images, but they offer images very cheap.

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