Paint Tossing Pack – 20 Free Images


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Tired of using the same old paint splatters that are 2D? These Paint tossing images give your project a 3D feel that makes your image pop. There are 20 different styles, some with a white background and some with a black. If you do not like the colors, just open the document inside of Photoshop, add a new layer and fill it with the color you want. Then change the layer blending mode to Color. Feel free to use them in Personal or Commercial projects.

Previews: (Click on any image to download the zip file)

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My name is Jeya and I am one of the founders of Media Militia. I enjoy writing new content and designing something fresh! I currently live in beautiful Reno, Nevada. If you have any ideas or comments, please send me an email at

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  30. Refreshing and different – I’m using these while doing the “Imaginary Paint Dancers” tut on 10steps…

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  40. Finally got back to your site to thank you for the paint spatters after posting a wallpaper using them. I love to mix real object with digital. Thanks again.

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  72. Thanks for these you guys, they are great. I have used them on a couple different projects. I also have a post up on my blog about them:

    Thx again!

    • @JC: Hey JC! Thanks so much for posting them on your blog. That means a lot to us! I am glad you found them useful. We are planning on a version 2 to be released soon. They will be higher res and a lot more of them! We just have to wait for the snow to melt in our area.

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  76. amazing!!! please make more versions! preferably with more large areas of paint, not just drops :D this is fantastic though! exactely what i needed
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    I used it for a layout just for fun, which you can see here:

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