Human Skulls – 54 Free Images


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In this pack we included 54 images of real human skulls that look awesome in dark style designs or as reference shots. Includes everything from fetal skulls to creepy decrepit skulls. All images are high resolution on a black background. Enjoy!

As with all of our resources, personal and commercial use is welcomed and encouraged!


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Hey! What's up? My name is Jeremy and I think design is awesome:) design resources are cooler than shamwow! using our free resources is ridiculously radical! Use it, love it, and enjoy.

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  1. Thanks for all your hard work. I was just looking for some skulls!!!

  2. Do you have any names for these folks?

    • Haha…Dang we should have named them.

  3. Awww! Thanks for this!

  4. dude wow awesome man!! these are even cool to make vectors out of!!!

    loving it !!

  5. Thanks very much for the share. That can be very usefull for creation of designs.

  6. Awesome! Quite Useful :D

  7. Tanx! This is almost to good to be true! Tanx once more!

  8. Glad to see some more free resources up here…hit me up some time if you are looking for some new stuff…maybe I can put something together

    • Thanks! Yes we would love to have something from you. Please send me an email with any ideas you have.

  9. Thanks a ton. These are fantastic. I hope to incorporate these very soon in some of my designs.

    • Awesome. Send us some links to your work and we will include it inside of the Get Inspired posts.

  10. 7th skull, I dub thee “skippy”. Wonder what he/she/it was in his/her/its prime?!?

    • Ahh yes…good old skippy.


  11. Thanks! These are wonderful.

  12. Hey Jeremy, All your resources are much appreciated
    thanks my good man.


  13. Love it! and perfect timing for Halloween! Loving that one that looks like he’s screaming… gonna do something with it!

  14. Many thanks. Now I just need to get these under my old opaque projector in time for Halloween. Fantastic creations!

  15. Love. I give you so much love for these!

  16. Great, thanks a lot for this collection

  17. Thank you VERY much for these!

  18. wow, that is fantastic. thanks so much for all the effort!

  19. Thanks so much! You can never have too much photo reference!

  20. This is a wonderful gift! thanks guys

  21. Excellent!

  22. Great photos…some really cool skulls that you don’t usually see. THX!

    Posted on the Hive @

  23. Well done Jeremy. I’m impressed.
    “fregezechen” : speak english, dude !

  24. LOVE THEM! Thanks a lot Jeya! You’re the best freebie giver!

  25. Wow, thanks!

  26. AWESOME!!! Thanks so much, mediamilitia!!!♥

  27. Thanks for excellent pictures! Do you know who was a model? :)

  28. Thanks for the generosity guys! Really appreciate this skulls! Kudos! :D

  29. theses are just what im looking for, cheers

  30. My son will love seeing these on a photo layout that I make for him. Thank you so much for your kind gifts. :-)

  31. muchisimas gracias como siempre

  32. These are rad.
    Glad I stumbled on your site.

  33. Thank you so much! Great job man!

    • Great definition for an artist to work from.

  34. Great site, super size ,very detailed.

  35. Thanks so much for your generous freebies. I have used one of the skulls here:

    I have also used your paint splatters..

    Appreciate it

  36. Thank you very much…God Bless You! Keep up the good work!

  37. thx for sharing these – I have no idea what i’m doing with them yet but I just have to have them….my preeeeeecccccious!!!!!

  38. Thanks a lot for your wonderful work! Always usefull (^_^)

  39. Great – Thanks for sharing!

  40. Hey!, thanks so much!
    I need references of skulls for drawing!.
    thansks for sharing.
    great site.

  41. gracias amigo muy bueno el recurso

  42. Thanks so much, these are AWESOME!!! Better than a shamwow? Definitely !!!

  43. Thanks, i really needed this pics :P now! to draw! >:P

  44. Your awesome!

  45. i love this site. you guys have awesome freebies and inspiration. thank you very much!

  46. cool works~

  47. A big thank you for these images. One will be used, held in one of the hands of a goddess of creation/destruction in a large mural in San Francisco. Keep you posted

  48. These references are great!!! Thank you!!!

  49. Thank you, very good reference material.

  50. yo men thanks!!!

  51. Cool! Thank you!

  52. Thanks so much! Will be very useful… =)

  53. Used one of these as a very very small part of our latest short story template for Halloween. Thanks for releasing them!

  54. These saved my life thanks x

  55. Thanks a lots…..very usefull….:)

  56. thanks man

  57. thnks a ton bro…

  58. Legend!!! Cheers mate

  59. oh it’s great and may i use this in my photo manupulation?

    • Yes, definitely!


    THANKS FOR LOOKING. pleaseo contact me directly using my email if you are interested in real human skulls.

  61. thanks for this cool images…

  62. Downloading now.

    1 note – that first skull in the third row…is it just me or does that look a lot like Homer Simpson?

    • Haha… yes it does.

  63. Fantastic work, these are perfect. I was looking for some usable images of a skull for a band logo design. Thanks so much!

  64. Thanks dude…I’m looking some skull to create hafl face on mine…really appreciate that ;)

  65. This collection of these pictures’ are a perfect reference to help me with my tattoos’. Every angle that Jeremy captured is perfect.
    Keep it coming, you’re awesome.

  66. your attitude is commendable, and your skulls impeccable got any art sites you would like to recommend?

  67. If I want one of these, where should I digg? :)

    Now seriously. It’s very nice stuff. But do you have number 53-54 in side view? I’d like to use it for 3D modeling.

  68. these make amazing refrences for tattooing

  69. Wow, thanks for the great images! Spent a while searching for something like this. I used them for a tattoo design tutorial and have linked back to this resource! Great stuff, please have a look when you get the chance!

  70. I like this.

  71. thank you! i’m tryin’ to learn to draw. these’ll help for sure!

  72. Extremely useful resource!! And free!! Dude, seriously…
    Thank you.

  73. vowww..super ……..

    • Thanks!

  74. Thank you so much for sharing that great pics!!!
    Use one of them for a drawing, if you wanna see it please just check my Facebook!!
    Thnaks again,
    Andy Engel

    • Cool man! Glad you got some use out of it….

    • Omfggg andy engeeeeeel!!!!!!!


    • You’re welcome….

  76. This is an interesting photo.It’s looked real to me.Thanks.

  77. Thanks from my heart for your very great work :)

  78. Thank you very much it is very useful!
    I was look for such as images.

  79. Thanks for these photo’s my wife is suffering severe Skull arthritis and by looking at the pictures it has narrowed it down to why some areas hurt more than others. Keep up the good work.

  80. I love my peopel

  81. Brilliant resource i am now going to search for every thing you have posted if i can find it …. more more more

  82. Iam so impressed by what i saw, i mean the designs are perfect.

  83. I love the stock images very much. Thanks for sharing….GBU

  84. Not a single occipital (rear) view, nor even a full side view. I’m disappointed.

  85. It’s really great. Thanks for sharing.

  86. Thank you x

  87. Ho there, a big thanks for providing these images, great work!

  88. Great reference thanks a lot :)

  89. Thank you for the skulls,used them very well

  90. Nice Skulls! Very high def – exactly whatI was looking for.

    - Ryan

  91. look like real skull, where you find it..? vietnam…

  92. Very cool and thanks!

  93. I want to some extra high definition images of fetal skull………………………..

  94. Thanks very much! Used one of the skulls here:

  95. Used your excellent images once again to complete a Sugar Skull in a custom half sleeve tattoo design, I also linked back to this page. We need more reference pictures like this!!

  96. Hello i have some real human skulls and bones for sale i want to know if you are interested in buying them.

    My father use to collect them and sell them to his contacts in USA and since his death we have not been in contact with his source.

    We want to close down the store so if
    you are interested let me know.


    If you are interested, you can contact her at this mail address:

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