Mixed Media Pack – 29 Free Textures

With this pack you get a spectacular combination of media styles in each texture! Images were created with spray paint, acrylics, markers, pencils, crayons, and finger-paint! With over 25 high resolution images, you’re sure to find something that will fit perfectly into your designs.


Leaf Pack – 81 Resources – Vectors + Images

Make like a tree and leaf! No not really stay for awhile….lets look at leaves….sounds boring but this pack will completely change your world when it comes to leaves. Well maybe not but it will change your design to an organic natural beauty.


Bad Ass – Free PSD

This is one bad ass Photoshop file. You get 31 layers to learn and change to your liking. I have also included the 3ds Max file if you want to change it up even more. Download it, make it yours, and have some bad ass fun.


Arrows Pack – 182 Vectors + 182 Brushes

This pack is seriously gigantic! It has 182 unique arrows in two formats, vector (EPS) and brushes (ABR). There are so many different arrow styles in this pack like traditional, hand drawn, graffiti, swirly and more! You will never have to create another arrow again.


Design Resources Pack – 40 Free Images

Need that one last element to finish your project? This might be your answer. This pack includes 40 different design resources with transparent backgrounds. Tape, cardboard, picture frames, grunge frames, and some other things including a bird…..Hey! I don’t know what the heck you want!!


Bitchin Blobs Pack – 30 Free Vectors

These bitchin blobs are a great way to boost the creativity of your designs. Most of the blobs have areas where you can easily put text over them. Try using them as a frame or for a background to your design. There are 30 vectors included in the zip. Download and change them up!


Drips and Spray Paint Pack – 30 Free Vectors

pppsssssssssss……. ..fffffffiiiiis How ever you make a spray paint sound is cool with us. When it comes to using spray paint in your design, we have you covered. This pack comes with 30 drips and spray paint vectors.


Ambush – Free PSD

Listen all ya’ll it’s an AAAAMMMMBUSH!!!! Grab this PSD and make it your own. Includes 23 different layers to play with. Download it and have fun, we promise its not a SABOTAGE!


Security Camera/CCTV Resource Pack – 29 Resources

Did you always want a big brother? This pack has so many cameras watching you that you’ll be glad you have a little sister. The pack includes 29 security camera resources: nine vector, nine clipped, and eleven different images. Download and have fun!


Smoke Pack – 75 Free Images

This smoke pack has 75 high resolution images of smoke on a solid black background. Add a gradient layer over the smoke and change the layers blending mode in Photoshop for a nice touch. You can also rotate and invert the layer to get a mystic look. All the images are around 2000 x 3000 [...]