Aqueous Sun Presents Rust v.01 – 28 Free Textures

Aqueous Sun brings yet another awesome texture pack to us available exclusively for Media Militia. It includes 28 free high resolution textures of the rust. You might have a ton of other rust images but the ones in this pack are huge! They are all around 4288px x 2848px (300ppi) and look stunningly crisp. Enjoy.


Patterned Spheres Pack – 23 Free Brushes and Images

Here is another fantastic pack to add to your collection. These patterned spheres can easily fill in a large are of space in your design and still look fresh. They look good behind a model or a main subject in your design. Play with the color by adding a hue/saturation filter with the color option [...]


Assorted Strokes – 109 Free Images

This pack includes 109 strokes that are from different brushes and media types like acrylic, charcoal, paint, ink, watercolor, and more. For the most part they are all straight or curved lines making them very versatile. They are on a white background, so if you would like to make it transparent, you can use the [...]


Aqueous Sun Texture Pack | Volume 2 – 50 Free Images

This high quality pack is the second volume from Aqueous Sun available exclusively from Media Militia. It includes 50 free high resolution textures for you to use in your designs. It has a wide variety of images that is a must have for your texture collection. Enjoy!


Aqueous Sun Texture Pack | Volume 1 – 50 Free Images

This amazing texture pack is the first of multiple packs being released on Media Militia exclusively from Aqueous Sun. In this pack there are a total of 50 images, all with high detail and resolution. We are really excited to have these useful textures available on Media Militia. They look great as backgrounds or as [...]


Thought and Speech Bubbles Pack – 104 Free Vectors and Images

This gigantic pack of 104 different styles of thought and speech bubbles is a fun addition to your collection. The styles include comic book, 3D, hand drawn, modern, and more. It is available for download as vector (EPS) and images (PNG w/ transparent background). The images are 4000px at 300 ppi.


Halftones Pack – 55 Free Vectors, Brushes, and Images

This pack has 55 halftone style elements. There are all sorts of different types in this pack like circles, colored gradients, boxes, patterns, and more! It is available as either vector (EPS), images (PNG w/ transparent background), and Photoshop Brushes (ABR). The images are 4000px wide at 300 ppi.


Decorative Elements Pack – 33 Free Vectors, Brushes, and Images

This design pack comes with 33 unique decorative elements such as flourishes, swirls, motifs, and more! They look great as text dividers or as a border surrounding your design. They are available for free as vector, brushes, and images. The images are PNG files with a transparent background. They are all high quality and handmade.


Beautiful Textures On Black Backgrounds – 22 Free High Resolution Textures

Everything looks better on black! This texture pack has 22 artistic slapdash styled images on black backgrounds. The amazing thing about this pack is that they are extremely high resolution. Most of the images are around 4000 x 5000 pixels at 300 PPI. With this high of a resolution you can get different looks depending [...]


Hot Air Balloon Pack – Textures, Images, Vectors, & Photoshop Brushes

You see Hot Air Balloons in designs all the time. They are nice thing to have in your collection of resources, simply just to add a little extra to your illustration. This pack include Hot Air Balloon vectors, images (with transparent backgrounds), textures, and Photoshop brushes. All together the pack has 45 elements.