Custom Lens Flares Pack – 50 Free High Resolution Transparent Images

This is a new pack from graphic designer Shahadat Rahman (Shemul) from Bangladesh. It contains 50 transparent lens flares than can be used in your projects. Also included is each flare on a black background so you can see what each flare looks like along with some simple instructions on how to best use the flares [...]

Lightning Bolts Box

Lightning Bolts – 44 Free Images and Brushes

Here is another fantastic pack to add to your collection. These awesome lightning bolts can add a little shock-value to any design. Send us your designs that you used these with. The images are vector EPS and the Photoshop Brushes (ABR) are all high quality ~2500px. As with all of our resources, personal and commercial [...]

Hand Drawn Skulls

Hand Drawn Skulls Pack – 11 Free PSD

This pack includes 11 hand drawn skulls. All files are PSD so you can change colors and backgrounds easily. They are all amazingly detailed, making them an awesome addition to your designs. Enjoy!


Shattered 3D Font – Free

Shattered 3D is a unique font that has unbelievable detail making your designs stand out from the rest. Each letter has gorgeous shattered elements that are perfectly lit in 3D. The default color is a deep red, however, you can easily change the color by adding a Hue/Saturation adjustment layer inside of Photoshop. This font [...]


Guilloche Elements – 35 Free Vectors and Images

This free pack includes 35 decorative guilloche elements as both Vector (AI) and PNG images. Guilloche elements are usually seen in currency, jewelry, certificates, and border design. They have amazing detail that can be enlarged to use in a background or simply as an element in your design. We are sure you will find tons [...]


Wallpaper Textures – 27 Free Images

These high resolution images of wallpaper are very handy to use as an overlay in your design or just as a background layer. Enjoy!


How to get rid of Creative Block

Creative block (the evil sister of writer’s block and the unwanted daughter of unmotivation) hits us all at some point in our lives, and often in our daily routine. As designers, creative block can be a cancer to our work, spreading and spreading until our mind produces absolutely nothing at all, leaving us to bang [...]


Human Skulls – 54 Free Images

In this pack we included 54 images of real human skulls that look awesome in dark style designs or as reference shots. Includes everything from fetal skulls to creepy decrepit skulls. All images are high resolution on a black background. Enjoy!


Create Electrifying Light Effects Around an Image

In this tutorial I will be showing you how to use the liquify tool in Photoshop to manipulate simple brush strokes and create a intensifying light image. The tutorial will cover simple aspects in the line of lighting and brushing and should be easy to follow. This tutorial is for advanced users and some things [...]


Taking Type to the Next Level with Alternate Characters

Are you sick of your type looking plain and boring? Many OpenType fonts have alternate characters built into them that can transform your type into a beautiful piece of art. By using these alternate characters you can add things like flourishes and flair to your type with ease. Some type faces have alternate characters that [...]