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Hello Folks, I'm Travis R Molina, a current designer who graduated from Pratt Institute. While graphic design and illustration are my interests, teaching is my passion. Thanks to Media Militia, I was able to share my knowledge and talents to benefit the art community.

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    Sketchbooks: The Ultimate Escape

    Everyone sketches. From the little doodles on the inside corner of your math textbook depicting your favorite band to even the caricatures of your boss in the bathroom stall, we as humans have this urge to express whatever is on our mind. From the routines and obligations we have in our daily life, we need [...]


    File Management: An Easy Guide to Organizing

    I’m writing this article in the hopes of passing on my experiences with file organization and how it can help your career as a professional. Please note, there is no perfect system or little robo-maid to organize your various raw files and images…that’s your job. So hopefully after reading this article, you may be inclined [...]