20 Amazing Digital Artists You Should Know


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Most graphic and web designers have a fairly good knowledge of Photoshop or other image creation tools. However, some people take their expertise and talent by spending countless hours working on it, the result being some stunning digital artworks. The following collection introduces you to twenty amazing digital artists and one of their creations.

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Mirko Humbert is graphic and web designer from Swizerland. He likes typography, blogging and pretty much everything else related to design. Check out his website Designer Daily.

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  1. Absolutely phenomenal works here. Thanks so much for sharing and mad props to these great artists :)

  2. I have never heard of Tiago Hoisel before. His work is stunning. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Thanks Mirko for this great post.

    All these artists designs are amazing. Did you notice that the design that you have for Mario Sanchez, used our paint tossing images? I love when I see that.

  4. These are phenomenal artworks and artists. I’ve been into vector art for ages now and it’s refreshing to see the level of detail, attention and humor that these guys create.

  5. Did anyone else notice the wallpaper on Mike Mitchell’s image?

  6. This is really a cool post. The Batman from Andy Jones is impressive!

  7. I am definately going to go and check out Kazuhiko Nakamura’s work more!

  8. Wow…I love the expressiveness of these creations. They are simply more than just aesthetically appealing. Hoisel’s art looks like something straight out of Pixar or Dreamworks. Absolutely phenomenal!

  9. Is beautiful

  10. Amazing list or artists, I especially liked Tiago Hoisel.

  11. damn……this is quite a nice suprise to stumble across when googling your own name…..

    Im HONORED to have made this list :)

    much love x

  12. Feng Zhu should be added to this list. He also has great tutorial videos on his site.

  13. Very cool artwork. Serves as good inspiration.

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